Kaloob Dance is a breathtakingly beautiful repertoire of Philippine indigenous dance and rituals .


The Soul of the Filipino in Dance

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Cordillera Suite/Ifugao.
Among the Rice Terraces 

The Ifugaos inhabit the rugged and mountainous part of Northern Philippines. They built the magnificent payo or rice terraces, the grandest manmade structure of antiquity not made by slave labor. They dance at weddings, planting and harvest rituals, funerals and rites of passage.

Full of symbolism, their dances reflect their values and aspirations, civility and spirituality.

For instance, palms facing upward mean stopping and warding off evil spirits. The women’s slow and meek movements, constant looking to the ground and getting cues from movements from the men reflect humility and deference to their menfolk. Arms thrust upward with palm facing heaven express thanksgiving to God, while stooping, balancing and tilting of the body symbolize affinity with the earth.

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